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Just joined the forum. I am relatively new to Volvo owning, but I had a 440 for about 9 months and loved it. It was just a cheapo car bought off eBay, but it had major work needed pre-MOT so it had to go.

Sooooo, I did a rash thing: I bought a 940 SE Turbo.....I love the car but its very expensive to run. It was however a very cheap car, another one from eBay, and its very good condition for a 1993-K vehicle, and it is the best car I've ever had. Very comfy and a brilliant smooth drive.

Anyway, thats me. I'm not sure if I can offer any help with 940 problems yet,
but I did have to replace the electric aerial with a manual one and found it an easy enough job, even if it did involve removing every plastic panel and carpet in the boot!

Regards from John
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