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Just discovered your forum. With four Volvos in our stable, I guess it's time to join. Here's the run down:
1970 1800E - I was 3rd owner in 1974; restored 1996; 202,500 miles (0.2 Irvs)
1985 245 DL - New from local dealer, now driven by my son in college; 248,000 mi
2001 V70XC - Overseas delivery; 64,000 mi
2004 S60 AWD - Overseas delivery; my wife's car with 8,000 mi

I suppose we are contributing to the statistic - Colorado has the distinction of having the highest number of vehicles per captia in the USA. The weather treats Volvos kindly too. Local paper used to tout Colorado as "the climate capital of the world."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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