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Owner of 2001 C70 Coupe; can't say that I'm thrilled with the car. It is a beautiful car - guys love it!

I purchased the car as a NEW 2001 in the Fall of 2003 - it had never been sold. It now has 30,000 miles. This car has been to the dealer/service more times in the past 1-1/2 years than my Toyota Camry V6 had been in 10 years with 230,000 miles!

Some of the problems have been minor, but still require a trip to the dealer, thus leaving the car there all day.

I've had intermittent starting problems - been stranded 6 times AT NIGHT and had to have the car towed. Dealer came up with various excuses. Last solution was to "reset the codes."

Driver side window fell into the door panel - twice.

Passenger window fell into the door panel - starting to sound like it will happen again.

Check Engine light comes on all the time - dealer says "that's typical of a Volvo... don't let the fuel get below 1/4 tank...."

I had 2 tires blow out in 1 week - not slow leaks - SHRED. Car only had 11000 miles and they were Perelli high speed tires. I was driving 40 mph.

Center Mirror kept dropping forward - had to be replaced.

Engine Mount is cracked and needs to be replaced. (I might add that this car isn't driven hard.)

Quick acceleration causes fish-tailing.

Wind noise is extremely loud and makes a normal conversation difficult.

I was swayed by the cars good looks, sports car handling and Volvo's reputation. However, I think Volvo needs to reassess their quality control. Perhaps their quality control has suffered since FORD took over.

With the costs of repair and service I'll be facing in the future - if the past is any indication - I'm thinking about selling the car.

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Welcome to the forum sorry to hear about your bad luck.
The C70 was nice looking but lots were poorly designed.That was a product before Ford took over.I think the guy that designed the window setup on the car didn't work for Volvo long after the design for the car.That is the poorest design I have ever seen for the windows.
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