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Hi All,

My name is Ed. I am a rather frustrated owner of a used Black 1998 S70 GLT. Don't get me wrong, we love the car. But, on the mechanical front, it has been a tad frustrating. It had 53k when we bought it in 2001. since then, it has been into the shop for a/c work, smog pump, intake manifold gasket, power window switch panel on the driver door, all new brakes and rotors, O ring on oil pump, timing belt (replacement, not broken), and now the mysterious check engine light indicating a misfire on #4. This lastest one has been a elusive issue for mechanics so I have created a new topic (check engine light) for it in the S70 forum. Thanks to "Tech", we are trying new ideas to find it.

Oh yeh, did I forget to mention the glue on the interior panels. we have that problem too.

When she is running though, we love it. I bought it for my daughter so she would have a safe car while learning to drive here in the the SF Bay Area. Not only did it do that, it provided us a great deal of peace of mind. She has put about 65k on it in the last 3.5 years. She now has her own new car and we are converting S70 back from the "kid mobile" to our family car.

I am encouraged by the comments here about the S70 lasting up to 375k or more. That is why I bought this car to begin with. So, hopefully we can fix this check engine light issue and start enjoying a trouble free ownership experience for the next 200k. Ok, wishful thinking. We'll see.
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