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I found this site yesterday -- it's very helpful, so my thanks to Tech and all the other contributors for their insights and hints (including a step-by-step guide on turning off the annoying Service Indicator Light).

I started out with 2 junker 145 wagons about 17 years ago -- one (1974) died on the highway and an immediate replacement (1972) lasted only a few months -- and have loved Volvos since despite my limited time with the old gals. The junkers that I bought as a student for a few hundred $ were high mileage and nearing their end but they were obviously quality cars.

I bought an S60 in 2003 and have had good luck so far. One posting in the S60 forum noted the flaws (turning radius, no interior trunk release, so-so seat warmers) that I've found as well, but I still love the car. More recently, I inherited Dad's 1989 740, which hasn't been driven much in the last few years, so I'm interested in info on keeping it running. I'll comment on some postings in that forum as well.

Thanks, everyone -- you're a great resource!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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