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Good evening,
until about five minutes ago I didn't even know that there is a Volvo owner's forum here in Australia. Now I came across.
Why I was searching the internet is the problem with the headliner in my C70 m/y 2002. We replaced the soft top and realised, that the headliner has to be replaced as well.
The mail problem seems to be, that it looks like these headliners are not available in Australia. So if that is true I might have to order one from the US or from Germany.
The other thing is, that I'm afraid I won't be able to install the new headliner. It looks like it is not as easy as putting a new soft top on.
So maybe someone here might be able to help me with two questions: 1 Is there any dealer in Australia to sell the right headliner for this car? 2. Who (if possible in NSW) would be able to get it in? And the very best would be, if selling and mounting would be in one hand.
I found out that it is not easy, but with the help of the community it might be possible.
Sorry for my broken English
Regards from NSW's Central Coast
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