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Your 86 740 should have the 4 glass headlights.If you look by the headlights where there is groves in the plastic panel around the headlights.There is the adjusting screws One on the side and One on the top.You can use a wall if you want to.I use a dark drive way and make some adjustments then get into the car and see if they are where I want them.You should only need a phillips screw driver to adjust the lights.

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Thanks veteran. Yup, know where the screws are etc. There used to be a tool
that clipped (suctioned) onto the headlight, but even the body shops have no
knowledge. The Volvo dealer is using the same system - the wall and eyeball.
Oh well, I guess that is the best I can do. I wa looking for distance between
the lamps (horizontal). I am trying to maximize the light without being a pain
to the oncoming.
Petie, in Aurora, Co
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