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Hey guys. First post here. Just bought a 2011 C30. It's been about 8 hours owning the car and already in love with it. I think this one has some electrical gremlins though...

Car is parked & locked but the hazard lights are blinking. I read some posts saying it might be a faulty siren module due to battery acid spilling on it so i i went ahead and pulled the siren fuse underneath the dashboard (fuse 56) and no luck... Lost keyfob functionality and hazards are still blinking.

I tested the siren with the panic button on the keyfob and it DOES work... very loud and clear. So now i'm thinking that it's the actual hazard switch (in between the A/C vents) that is faulty and causing the lights to blink, even when parked and locked.

I have also tried unlocking and relocking the car and it does nothing. Hazard lights keep blinking.

Does anyone know how to remove the hazard switch in between the A/C vents above the waterfall? I want to try unplugging it to see if they can at least stop blinking and not drain the battery.
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