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I have a V-5- 2.4i SE Australia Spec on order with the Integrated GSM Phone. The car will be used here in the UK for a couple of years before moving to Oz.
The phone will have the optional handset as well for privacy use by passenger (I did not have choice of ordering it w/o handset in Australia Spec)

My SIM card will be with Virgin Mobile here in the UK


1. Can you search your phone list from the steering wheel? -- or at least scroll through it?

2. If not, can you search or scroll your phone list from the center stack? How?

3. Can you access/scroll "last number(s) called" From Steering wheel? From Center stack?

4. Is the handset just a dumb handset -- or does it have buttons/fetures on it?

5. Is handset on side or back or passenger's side of center stack?

Thanks in advance
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