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Greetings! I just purchased a 1991 940SE Black on Black.... Anything special I need to know in regards to care and feeding? Many years ago I had a '75 245DL.
Since then I've had 2 Saab 99's one 900s, a '75 Audi 100LS, '85 Audi 5000s, and my baby, an '87.5 Audi Special Build Coupe GT. This is my first turbocharged car, but I'm familiar with the routine of letting the turbo wind down befor shutting it off if you've been in boost for a while, so as not to cook the bearings. Any inside info? I'm looking forward to re-joining the Volvo community, as I've enjoyed the counterparts for Saab and Audi owners. I only wish the car had come with a manual.... Oh well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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