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Im only on my second tank of fuel and had the same question as to which octane I should be using. My car was filled up with 91 octane whrn I bought it

I asked the dealership where I purcahsed my car and they said to use the 87 octane because there would be no difference. He also said to cylcle the higher octane through every once in a while but if you do it too much, you would have to keep using the higher octane or it could start to ping.

With the second tank I used the 87 octane like the guy said and immediately noticed my MPG wasn't anywhere near what it was with the higher octane. I also noticed a slight decrease in power.

Im not 100% sure yet but I think Im going to use only midgrade (same as premium) gasoline in my car. I'll keep you posted.

I'de like to know whats been working for you though.

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