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Has anyone else had what feels like fuel starvation, over a set engine rate?
My 340 GLE 1.7 starts everytime and runs perfect up to 3000-3500 revs.
After this level, the engine "stutters", feels exactly like fuel starvation and continues until i change up a gear, then as revs drop, engine runs smooth again until reaching 3000-3500 rev range. particulary bad in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears.
I have changed parts in the carb, replaced the fuel pump, checked fuel lines for blockage or damage, replaced all fuel filters including the small one in the carb. Replaced rotor arm and distrubtor cap, spark plugs and leads and air filter!
I have asked a volvo repair centre and a couple or garages for any ideas but everyone at a loss. They tell me they cant even put it on a diagnostic machine because of age-there is nothing to test lol
Apart from this, she is a dream car, body work perfect and perfect starter no matter the weather.
Please Help

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Are you sure the float is set to the proper level?Something on the carb may be out of adjustment.And sometimes the carb is so worn that even though you rebuild it it may not be right.Sometimes the only fix would be to replace.
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