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If you are getting fore and aft movement of the front wheels you need to replace the control arm cone bushings. This is the weak link of the 900 series suspension. This is a very simple and inexpensive job if you have the right size tools. The bushings usually run around $80 for a set from a parts store. I picked up a set on ebay for $33 with shipping! If you are handy all you need to do is jack up the front of car and support it on stands. Reomove the front wheels. You will see diagonal support attached to the contol arm. There are 2 opposed cone bushings where this diagonal meets the arm. Remove the bolt that attaches the diagonal to the lower arm. this is at the front side of the arm. Romever thoe outer cone. Next you have to remove the bolt through the bushing that attaches the diagonal to the chassis. This is the hard part because it requires some muscle and the right size wrenches. Knock out the bolt and lower the diagonal down and to the rear. You will then be able to remove and replace the inner cone bushing. If the Bushing at the other end of the diagonal is worn you might want to replace that to but it usually is okay and wqould need to be pressed in. Reverse the order to reinstal. Check with a repair manual for torque values when reinstalling. You will be amazed at the difference when the job is done. If you planning to have a shop do the work at least you know how easy a job it is and the should not charge more than 1 1/2 labor if that much. Don't go to Volvo for the parts unless you have deep pockets or an oil well.
I hope I have been of some help. Good luick!
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