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Since over two month I read messages in this forum, espacially the ones about ETS. Many members ask about the reason why the ETS light shows from time to time and answers are always about gas sensors, cleaning or changing them, with cost of around USD 1,000.-

I got the "ETS symptom" - and this is why I started to look messages in this forum. I also posted a question about it but did not get feedback. Nevertheless, my experience may be of interess for others.

ETS light can also turn on because of ABS sensors! That was the dignosis of the local VOLVO shop and it was correct. I changed one ABS sensor (around USD 50.-) and everytging is ok yet.

To Tech:
1) Please mention this to future members who ask about the ETS light.
2) Can you explain how ABS is related to the Electronic Throttle System?

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