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Just ran across this post from Don Willson @ Scroll down to # 7.It sounds like good news although the hard print is still out.Let me know if there is other rumers afloat.

Originally Posted by achvia
It is surprised to me the ETM is under 7year and 70K miles warranty when I reported ETM failure to local Volvo dealer.
After I found the problem with my Volvo S80 2000, I went to an independent volvo mechanic shop. They obtained a list of ETM fault codes. I have my own Vadis installed on my computer so I started my research with those codes. I also found the excellent Failure Investigation Report by Don Willson.
The next day I called North America Volvo warranty service center. Told the rep the whole story. The Rep acknowledged the ETM problem and knew the lawsuit. He asked me to go to local Volvo dealer, offer me the assistant program if the dealer can't provide the free replacement. Also he suggested to talk to dealer and the regional Volvo Representative to authorize a free repair.
Few days later, I sent the car to local authorized Volvo dealer. The first thing they told was ETM was under 7/7 warranty if they found the same codes as independent mechanic shop received. After they pulled codes out, the ETM failure was confirmed and they replaced it for free.
When I picked up my car, the dealer told me ETM was always under warranty since 2000. He also said he was full aware of the class lawsuit. He was very careful not answering some questions I asked.
This is the story. Good news for everyone is this ETM is covered under 7/7 warranty.
Noted, the new parts# for the ETM is 8644347 made in Italy. I am not sure it is a new design. The dealer said this ETM was approved by Volvo to fix the problem.
I have looked at the new ETM. Here is what I got.

By Magnet Marelli Italy
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