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I have 1999 S80 T6. ETM went bad at 62000. Had it replaced for $850. Now 13 months and 13,000 miles later, the replacement ETM failed. They will not warrant the part because it has been over 12 months. Now the replacement is $950. Sound familiar?? If not, it will soon! The part will fail. See other posts for information and LA Times article.

I am organizing a ETM Recall campaign. We the consumer need to band together to push the issue of a recall for this faulty part. I am sick of wasting my hard earned money on this part, and I have no faith that a new ETM will last long either.

I have notified Volvo that I am turning my vehicle into a driving billboard. I will have signs on either side and back of my vehicle with the following DON'T DRIVE VOLVO - RECALL THE ETM with a web page reference to the LA Times article. I have 4 acquaintances in the Chicago area who are going to do the same. I am trying to make this a NATIONWIDE campaign. It only takes poster board and marker. Anyone who has had this problem or are afraid they will in the future should be involved.

If I can get enough people in this area, we may park in front of the Volvo dealer on a couple of saturdays. If I get enough replies, I will have bumper stickers printed with the above message as well. E-mail me with your interest and I will send out bumper stickers if enough people want them. I am also trying to arrange media coverage.

Only by the consumer showing Volvo their dissatisfaction will they listen. I can't imagine they want to lose repeat customers and future customers that this campaign will accomplish. This will be the first campaign of its kind! Get involved! Let's get our money back!!!
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