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I have recently bought a 1999 S80 T6 SE (Geartronic Transmission)

Under hard Acceleration the power delivered seems to almost pulse.

you get a second or so of extra power?

The car drives amazingly well i noted the last service had been completed by a Volvo dealership and the MAS had been replaced think this is the air flow meter?

Any suggestions?

I also have since discovered the RTI CD-ROM is missing from my car any suggestions where a replacement can be obtained Dealer wants £120 GBP

Does anyone know if thr RTI CD Changer can be used for music CD's?

If it can't can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative source than a dealer who wants in excess of £350 GBP to supply a CD Changer and connecting cable?

And finally does anyone know if the TV (optional unit) can be fitted or if it can only be installed by the dealer, my car has the RTI (Sat Nav) system already fitted from new?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My location is North East England, United Kingdom

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The only one I can help you with at the moment is the running problem.
Clean the throttle body good and that should help.
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