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My 2000 v70xc randomly coughs and studders while driving. Strangely this happens more often in the afternoon than morning. The ETS light occasionally comes on but then turns off. I have taken it to a VOLVO dealer and to a local shop which specializes in VOLVO. The dealer said they saw a stored code for the Electronic Throttle System and suggested that I replace it immediately as when it goes out the car will immediately die and will require a tow. The other shop could not confirm an ETS problem and did not think it would cause such a drastic breakdown but rather decrease performance. They recommended that I replace the o2 sensor (which both shops told me was bad - why does that keep happening?) and wait to see if that resolved the ETS problem. The problem continues. The ETS repair is quite costly and I am hesitant to do it without a confirmed diagnosis. Any ideas? Also, does anyone know if this will cause my car to suddenly be dead on the side of the road?
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