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QUOTE(jdbs3 @ Nov 16 2004, 06:00 PM)I have an electrical problem involving the bulb indicator light on the dash board.


- Turn on headlights and bulb indicator light goes on.
- Turn on high beams and it *sometimes* it goes off.
- Turn on the right turning signal and the bulb indicator light will flash on and off alternating with the right turn signal.
- Turn on the left turning signal and it has no effect on the bulb indicator light.
- When the lights are on, the bulb indicator light is on 95% of the time. If it is off and I hit the brakes, it goes on. Take my foot off the brakes and it goes off.
- If the lights are on and the bulb is off, I also found it would react to just altering my speed, i.e. letting up on the gas or giving the car more gas would turn it on. Take my foot off the gas or go back to a steady gas flow and it would go back off.

I checked all the lights; they all work. So it certainly seems like an electrical problem.

Does anyone have any ideas on how a lay person might be able to diagnose/fix it, or is this something best left to a mechanic?

Is the problem something simple or an indication of a more major problem?

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