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I have a 2010 XC60 T6 (200K+ on odometer)that from a cold start has a kinda whiny exhaust noise that seems to be coming from the drivers side front that disappears after the car has warmed up. I havent gone underneath yet but are there issues that I can look out for? I have had exhaust leaks like this after exhaust bolts rotted on my Dodge Ram. I apologize again that I havent gone under the vehicle yet. I have read elsewhere that maybe the flexpipe of the manifold? would that swell to seal after warming? or Turbo down spout? I am grasping at straws with this vehicle everything is so compact in the engine bay that from up top I cant pinpoint the noise. Other than taking the wheel well out and sticking my head in there.
Any ideas or information to look would be very helpful.

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