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My driver side power lock will lock but it will not unlock. I have the door apart & I can see the power motor engage.Is there a link to the mechanism diagram or does some have a solution?Thanks.

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I have never opened one and looked at it.
If you wanted to you could remove it and look at it.
You have to remove the 2 screws on the back side of the door under the plastic cover to loosen the outer door handle.
Then remove the screw or rivet holding the window channel in the back of the door and remove the window channel.
Then remove the 3 screws holding the door lock assembly into the door and remove the lock assembly.
The lock rod has a plastic clip that holds the rod to the lock assy.push the clip to the side and slide the rod out.

When you remove the lock you will have to pull out on the outer door handle.The rod from the lock cylinder goes into the lock assy.
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