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Disintegrating rubber on exterior

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Hi all. This is my first post for my girlfriend's (much despised) 2007 2.5T S60. Please ignore the sarcasm. If we lived closer to a cliff, I wouldn't need to write this post. :)

For quite a few years, we've watched the rubber around the roof, front and rear glass, and a few related area just flake apart and disappear. I've tried to find the items on the official Volve parts pages, but they seem to miss most of the parts we need, and with Volvo pricing (the ones I've found seem to total more than the value of the car), we're likely to use fleabay instead.

I searched your posts without any luck, so hopefully I'm not duplicating the questions. She is concerned about moisture, then rust, then leaking. I am concerned that no one will steal it, despite having the nearly $1k ignition lock replaced, and the nearly $2k starter and crankshaft work done. I've never been a near a car that cost to much to maintain and yet was worth so little. (sarcasm...but true!)

1-Is there a complete location to source part #s these rubber molding/seal/items?
2-Is there a good source to get them aftermarket at a decent quality and price? i'm quite reluctant to buy OEM Volvo parts because they didn't even last 10 years in a new car that lived in a garage.
3-Somewhat unrelated, the sunroof opens/tilts on only one side, then gets stuck. Assuming this is just a hint from the gods to tell her she doesn't need a sunroof. :)
4-If you can point me to a tall cliff with a short runway...I'm listening.

Thank you! A few pics included.

What I've found so far, but not sure if any of it fits. There appears to be a conspiracy to keep regular people from finding Volvo parts that fit.

Roof edge options?

Top of windshield?

Molding options?
Windshield upper 8620457 $112.
Windshield lower 30674707 $165.
Rear window upper 8620459 $69.


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what you really need is a wrecked s60 where someone maybe wrecked the front end but all the bits you need are good, thats probably going to be your best option, so maybe phone a few car breakers yards and see if they have one, and if the rubbers are in better condition than yours, swap them over
Thank you. I fear that if ours failed within 10 years, used stuff will already be closing in on being dust. Hoping to source some of it from aftermaket, but it has been hard to hunt the items down.
Thank for your input bud , I just had new windscreen put in come home to the sides being ajar heap rubber gone to dust ,the dill whom fitted just left the sides sitting up ,like not his problem, amozon has a range of different stick on replacement bits but can't see the glue lasting a trip on a cold rainy night , I'm thinking a trip down to Clark rubber ( Australia ) then off to Bunnings for some 227 windscreen glue and spend Sunday swearing marrying it all back together , getting weight onto the plastic side will be the hard bit,,,
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