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Daylight running lights

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Does anyone know how to turn off the daylight running lights.
I drive a UK S60.
The dealer said it tells you how to in the manual but I couldn't find it.
It does say your dealer can help you disable them (I bet he can - for a fee).
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Hi there Bannerman.

Please tell us what happend about your driving lights.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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The only way I know of is for the dealer to do it.
my dealer charged me £30 to switch them off - it was worth it should save a few bulbs.

wants another £30 to switch them back on,because he claims it is a good selling point!!!
lots of posts on this before...maybe there should be a permenant Q&A about it?

I didn't think dealers de-ativated the DRL's as volvo tell them not to as it's part of the safety package.
As you've turned them off be sure to tell your insurance company as you've modified it from standard spec - the premium may or may not increase..but better than them not honouring your policy in the event of a claim.

and yes, it's not a Volvo if you don't have DRL's!

I have a 98 C70 so it may be different. There's a little screw on the light switch cover and it has 3 positions I think. If yours has that try turning it with a very small screw driver to the different positions, I turned mine off.

Joe Calandriello
Hi all,
Been a while since my last post, just to say that it cost me £30 to get it turned off.
That caused me a another problem - flat battery, several times.

I work in a secured area, and coming up to the checkpoint you must dim your lights.
Of course by the time I drive through the extra mile to where I park I'd forgotten about dimming the lights - left them on - only discovered this when it was time to leave, oops flat battery-bugger.javascript:add_smilie("-_-")
You'd think Volvo would have a lights-on-reminder like nearly every other car on the road.
This has happened a couple of times now - I am learning.javascript:add_smilie("B)")

Cary G - Your dealer must be mental - just switch them to on (vertical posn) if you want DRL.
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not affected my insurance in the slightest.DLR may be ok in sweden where they only have 5 mins of daylight , but in the uk in the middle of june they are just annoying.had lots of cars where i have actually been able to turn the lights on and off whenever i wanted to without any problems.i musnt be the only one who doesnt like them because i have seen hundreds ( i drive 60000 miles per year) without DLR on.
You can disable the running lights yourself - it's i nthe owners manual!

Put light switch into sidelight position

Switch ignition switch to II position

Pull Main Beam lever towards you (keeping hold of it in that position)

Turn light switch to O position.

Release Main Beam lever.

Job Done.

To switch the function back on, simply follow the procedure again.

Worked on My 2004 S40, a mate's S60 and a guy at work's S80 all 2004 onwards.
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Not in my owners manual, and I couldnt get it to work. Maybe its diff for the U.K., or changed for '05

It does say to contact a dealer about tunring DRLs off.
Not in my manual either - and no the sequence didn't work - although I would have turned them back on again if it did.
I'm still surprised to hear many Dealers turning them off - I'm sure volvo instructed them not to do so as it's regarded as a Volvo Safety feature.

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