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Hi guys..
Today is 10th day my S40 2.0T 2001 parked with engine hood open..since i'm busy with daily routine.
The problem is crank no start..
Action taken;
1.Battery power checked...ok
2.Fuel line checked...ok/normal
3.Coil & cable plug replaced
4.Crankshaft sensor replaced
No effect..still crank no start

Today call mechanic to scan,faulty found
a.ECM- 7F...Malfunction indicator lamp
b.ECM- 85...Engine cooling fan(FC) low speed..

I dont know what the failure found related with crank no start issue but the mechanic said need to tow to his workshop for further inspection...possibility wiring harness or ECU itself..

Have anyone has idea or experience with this?
What to check & counter for above said problem.
What to do next?

Your thought & idea much appreciate..
Tq guys..
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