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It would be good for folks to post even a partial list.

Under the should-uv's would-uv's and could-uv's, I'm kicking myself for not making a copy of the codes that were pulled from my car yesterday. I had them in hand but gave them up when my car was repaired. At the time, I was just plain happy I didn't have to pay for anything and the problem was easily repaired.

Even getting the module names mapped to the cryptic three letter prefix would be a good start.

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If you had the dealer work on it the codes should be listed on your receipt.

ABS or BCM=Anti lock brakes
SRS=Supplementary restraint system
ECM=Engine control module
AUM=Audio module
UEM=Upper electronic control module
REM=Rear electronic control module
SWM=Steering wheel module
EPS=Electric power steering
TCM=Transmission control module
DSC=Body sensor cluster
AEM=Accesory electronic module
CEM=Central electronic module
DIM=Driver information module
PSM=Power seat module
TRM=Trailer module
CCM=Climate control module
DDM=Drivers door module
ICM=Infotainment control module
PCM=Passenger door module
RSM=Rain sensor module
GSM=Gear selector module
SCM=Siren control module

That should be most of them there is a few more I havent posted that are for the 05 S40's
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