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2012 Volvo S60 - 126,000 miles. Up to date on maintenance schedule. Last service they forgot to reset the maintenance due message so now it has been saying maintenance overdue. While driving home from a 200 mile trip today, my check engine light came on about 20 miles after I filled up with gas. Car is driving seemingly fine.

Upon getting home, I took gas cap off and put it back on hoping that would clear the check engine light but it didn't.

I then thought maybe if I clear the maintenance overdue light that might have something to do with the check engine so I googled ways to do that. I never was able to clear it but it did beep and go into some mode with a wrench on it where it gave me a code 163 followed by 021 and a different picture on it. Upon searching the internet for those items I keep seeing posts about throttle position sensor. So now I have a few questions.

1. Is that actually showing me the error code associated with the check engine light? (If this answer is no the next questions may not even matter)
2. If so, is that specific to just the sensor or could it be either the sensor or the throttle body?
3. If sensor only, can you replace only the sensor on the 2012 S60? I'm seeing conflicting information on websites.
4. If I have to replace the throttle body, is this even worth it? I have been dumping thousands into this car over the last year. I had planned to keep this car to give to my daughter for her high school years since I have been the only owner and it is paid off. But, I wouldn't be giving it to her for another year and I'm not sure it is worth it anymore.

I can't even remember everything I have had done in the past 12 months but will list out what I can think of below.

timing belt
water pump
power steering/ac belt
spark plugs (this was the second time)
2 coils and their associate wires
pcv box (aka oil trap?)
blower motor
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