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how ot use Volvo PTT Tech Tool to change chassis ID for Volvo FH12 version2 truck.


Please change original ID to a REAL chassis ID (it need exit),otherwise you will lost communication with it after changing.


Connect Volvo Voccom adapter to truck/ECM

Run Volvo PTT software to identify truck models or input by manual

Select “Program”,then select “Parameter programming” at “Service and maintenance” option

Click “Start”

Select “All levels” and then click “Play”

Check the box for option:

The engine must be switched off

The parking brake must be applied

Now here you will find option “DR Chassis ID” is gray

You can not change it current.

Back to desktop to run Tech Tool Developemnt tool

Input “Chassis” to search,then select “DR Chassis ID”

Then click “Set Programable”

It will show you “Success!Parameter updated”

Back to PTT software

Click “Stop” button

Then click “Play” again

After control units data reading finish,you will find “DR Chassis ID” shows as black

Now you can edit it.

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