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seems you have fuel in your oil then? when your turbo spools up it carries air and shouldnt contain oil or fuel the fuel is deliverd directly into the cylander via the injectors look for leaks there if you have fuel in your oil this thins the oil and you have parts rubing change it out for something a little thiker. As you probably know it's possible for the air intake to contain oil if the turbo core is worn and leaking into the system replaceing JUST the turbo core less expensive its allso possible that some oil is carried through the system via the engine breather pipe usually connected to the air intake manifold just past the mass airflow sensor just before this point some performance cars are fitted with an oil catch can see them on fleabay as engine blow by becomes a problem but usually its a small amount and is generaly allowed to bern with fuel, loosen the oil filler cap so it just sits over the filler cap if its bouncing around because of presure inside you may have a blow by problem
1 - 2 of 5 Posts