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There should be a sticker on the inside of the hood that tells you which engine you have.It will be A combination of letters and numbers that look like this B5254.

If it is a convertable it will be a little noisy.But you may also have broken upper spring seats.You can check these but Putting a 13/16 wrench or socket on the nut on top of the front strut.If it spins freely it is bad.It should not spin at all it should feel rubbery.Try spinning it somewhat easly or if it is weak it will break when you try to spin it.

What happened when you tryed the code the dealer gave you?
If it was the wrong code take the radio out and bring it to the dealer with your regristration and the will get the code from numbers on the radio itself.
They most likely looked it up by your Vin#.If the radio was ever replaced then the code won't match.
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