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C70 Won't Start

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My 98 C70 cranks but won't start. Have replaced the fuel pump and relay, crank shaft sensor, cam shaft sensor, distributer cap and rotor, and air mass sensor. The timing belt indexing was checked. Supposedly the ECM is OK. A recent diagonsis was that the ECM could not communicate with the engine. Now it is at the Volvo dealer getting the $80/hr diagnostics. Anyone have a similiar experience? It certianly leaves a bad taste.
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Was anything done to it before it wouldn't run?
I bought the car in February and have only cleaned it.
I had this happen to my 2001 S60 2.0T Auto after I PPC'd it. PPC gone now (it was corrupting the onboard programme).

I was told to keep the fuel level up high, never let it run to 1/4 tank as the fuelling system won't have enough pressure to run so it won't start up.

About two weeks ago the same thing happened, called the dealer he said "have you kept it topped up?"

I forgot that bit, went to the garage, bought petrol, put it in....started first time.

Now I keep it half all the time.

Hope this helps a bit.
Sounds familiar. After it first died, I put two gallons in and it didn't help. They put the fuel pump and relay in and said it ran for three minutes. When it was finally towed to the Volvo dealer, it sat for a few days in the heat. They said it started right up. It did so for the next three days. They didn't charge me, because they could find nothing wrong.

I suspect a fuel issue also. Maybe water in the gas or a pump delivery issue in the tank. I'll try some dry gas and keep it topped off for a while. It won't go on long trips for a while.
Well, it has been running perfectly for a week. I would like to let the fuel level go down to see if the advise given is applicable. But I don't want to be stranded again.
Keep it half full - ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! I can't stress this enough mate, mine has dropped beneath halfway and took two goes to start and run when I left work around 30 minutes ago.

I can't be bothered to fill it now, so I'll do it first thing in the morning.

One bit of information for you - I've noticed the problem worsens if the car is parked on an incline. If I've parked it with the nose facing downwards then it takes ages to run. If it's perfectly flat there is no problem. Likewise if the car is parked half-on half-off the kerb, on either the drivers or passenger side then similar problems with starting too.

Either way, if the fuel is around half then it does start (usually) first time.
Keep us posted mate, good luck to you.

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I've had the same problem for months, sometimes it'll crank but won't start, it'll start, low idle, and then shut down. However, I got it fixed, the probem was a faulty immobilizer antenna ring (runs about $50, w/ labor it's about $125). Ever since replacing it, I haven't have any starting problems, hope this helps. By the way, this car part basically reads the chip in your key and determines whether or not it's the right key.
I was having the same problem with my 01 C70 Convertible and after a LOT of diagnosing, it was found to be my key. The chip in my key was malfunctioning and the car would start or low idle and then stop. IT TOOK FOREVER TO FIGURE IT OUT!!! The reason being is that after your car starts successfully 3 times, the computer ERASES the initial fault so the dealers computer sees NOTHING wrong!!!!! The dealership said to either replace my key or, if it happens again, remove the key, hold it far away from the steering column for 10 seconds and then try it again. EVERYTIME it worked!!! I have since started using my spare key and have had NO problems.
Well, I've been driving it for months since the no start incident. I let the gas level go down, worked fine. The 98 coupe doesn't have the key with the antenna, so that isn't the problem. Now it only stumbles for a second now and then, and I shudder thinking here we go again. Thanks for all the suggestions, anyway.
I know this post is old, but I am tired of my dealer shaking change out of my pockets. I have this immobilizer problem also. I am trying the spare key and so far I am 9/9 starting, where as the other hits like 20% of the time.

Question? Can I replace the immobilzer antenna without changing out the very costly immobilizer unit? Volve tells me no, I can't, give us money. My hunch is that you can in fact just replace the antenna. Does anyone out there know for sure?

Thanks, peeps.

Kamemasta, if your spare works 100% of the time your immobilizer is fine, but your other key seems bad. Simply get a new spare key so you have an extra. Hopefully thats the last change you'll have to spend.
QUOTE(MKC70 @ May 12 2007, 04:14 AM)Kamemasta, if your spare works 100% of the time your immobilizer is fine, but your other key seems bad. Simply get a new spare key so you have an extra. Hopefully thats the last change you'll have to spend.

Well, so much for 100%, my spare key seems to be as random as my other key. Does anyone know if I can replace the immbolizer antenna seperately from the immobolizer unit? Volvo sells them seperately but they are being tight lipped and stubborn about needing to replace them both for "compatibilty reasons".

I did find that keeping the key away from the antenna for ten seconds after a miss-fire really speeds up the retry time. Thanks Volvo-forums and the gang.
Hi there

I went through this last year both my keys worked fine, I had the antenna tested but still had the intermittent starting probs. So I went to Volvo they couldn't find anything and it started everyday whilst with them.
In the end Volvo said from their experience they have changed the antenna even though the inlace antenna is supposedly working.
Well I changed the antenna at a cost of 80€ and it has been perfect since on both keys.
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