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Hi Guys

My entire life I remember being told about the 2,5 kids, dog, white Picket fence and a Volvo station wagon when I get married.

I have been fighting this stereotype ever since and as a result have built up a garage filled with 4 different motorbikes and have owned various German cars from Golf to Opel to even BMW Z3. My Favourite car (which I still have) was a 1989 BMW 325 Cabriolet with 300 000km's on the clock. I am currently driving a 330Ci Convertible and am loving it. (also have 2 dogs and 1 wife)

September last year I became a proud father to a healthy son. Why should anything change in my choice of cars? I even checked to see that the bay seat would fit in the BMW's - they did but... a 2 door car is simply not practical and soon I was swearing out of frustration and started looking around.

Someone (Not sure who - maybe the stereotype) told me to look at the Volvo station wagon (dogs need to be transported as well!!) The 70 was simply too expensive new and second hand too cheap ( only 60 000km free service!!) so I looked at the V50 - ho-hum -
or so I thought until I drove the T5 Geartronic
YEHAAAA!! - This is supposed to be the car that the housewife uses to drive the kids around - It drives faster than any car I own or ever have owned. It sticks to the road like glue and it is absolutely fantastic !!!

I am a convert and now "volunteer" to drive my son around as much as I can. Often the Volvo is just "easier" to use when I quickly need to "pop-out - somewhere" . I wonder if the C70 is as fast - then bye bye BMW.


Your 1-kid-2-dogs-Brick-wall-and-Volvo-station-wagon-Convert.
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