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Volvo Vida 2014D free download link:
Password: 3ir986

Software Version: V2014D
Supported Language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Chinese
Connection: USB connection or Bluetooth communication function.

Requirements on Computer:
1). Windows 7 system
2). Internet Explorer 8
3). Computer memory should be over 2GRAM
4). C:// must have 40GB space

How to install volvo vida dice bluetooth on Win7?
The software must be installed on C://.
It must be NTFS format.

Step 1: Check if the IE installed on your computer is Internet Explorer 8.

Step 2: Install VIDA V2014D.
1). Insert DVD 1 and copy the zipped file (VADI2014D.part1) in the CD to your computer.

2). Eject DVD 1 and insert DVD 2. Then copy the file “VADI2014D.part2” to the same location as step 2.

3). Unzip “VADI2014D.part1” and you’ll get a “VADI2014D”. Open it and copy “Patch Vida 2014-A-B-C-D” to the desktop.

4). Open the file folder “Install”, select DVD -> Vida_dvdheader -> Main, then right click on setup. exe and select “Run as administrator”.

5). Choose a setup type and a language you prefer. Then click on Next.

6). Follow up the instructions until VIDA is installed successfully. Restart your computer.

Step 3: Install the patch file.
1). Launch “2014A.exe” in “Patch Vida 2014-A-B-C-D” on the desktop, and install it on your computer.

Step 4: Connect the volvo vida dice 2014d diagnostic tool to your car.

Step 5: Run the VIDA software.
1. Right click on the shortcut VIDA All-In-One and select “Run as administrator”.

2). Enter a username to log in. Click DICE CONFIGURATION, select TEST COMMUNICATION TOOL, and press Run to start the test.

3). Click READ VEHICLE and wait a few seconds. The vehicle info will display as below.

Vehicle Information Display:

Diagnostics Interface Display:

Vehicle Details Display:


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Not able to download from Wechat or QC due to verification. Any other download links?
Hi, I actually paid $25.00 to download from Google drive link. It's a big, long heavy download in Gigabytes. I could give the email of the seller here if it's ok to do so. I was just browsing the net to find some cheap way to read the CEM . Maybe I have to be a member to even post here. I will know in a few seconds now.
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