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Hi folks. I am new to the board and wanted to pop round and say Hi.


We (wife and two kids) have a 99 S70 AWD and really love it. The AWD has really paid off this winter. There was a storm where we got 10" overnight and the car went through it like it wasn't there. Don't worry, I know that just because it will go that well doesn't mean it will stop that well. I give my self plenty of room. Anyway - the car is great.

My family has owned 5 Volvos overall. I started it off in college with a 1983 240 that was, well, bullet proof. The only problem I had in that car was the heater fan went out during the coldest winter on record where I went to college. Other than that, the car took me through thick and thin and several trips to Florida and Pennsylvania (from Indiana.)

Mom then got a 1990 740 turbo and then a 1994 740 turbo. Both great cars. She switched over to a couple of German cars but is now back in a 1999 S80. I like the room of the S80 and wish we had the bigger car. We will have to save that for the next time.

Well, just wanted to say hi so there you go.

See you around.

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