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better fuel efficiency

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I am new to the cars and in fact V70 is my first wagon i am driving these days. I need your suggestion on the following topics.
1). is it true that ur driving style is involved in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
2) How can I improve my driving style to increase the mileage/gallon?
3) What parts I need to look after very regularly in my V70 for its better performance and maintenance.
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Hi Hummingbird
You can improve you cars fuel efficiency if your car is a manual tranny. On the automatic tranny u can also improve ur car's fuel efficiency but not that much. There is only one trick in this don't Throttle up you car to much instantly
There is another site that can b a help
1. Try accelerating more smoothly and anticipate slowing down earlier and easier.
2. Try higher Octane/Cetane-rated fuels (such as Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate).
3. Do not carry unnecessary loads in the car (such as mothers-in-law
4. Ensure tyre pressures are correct - under-inflation can cause extra drag, over inflation is also bad and increases tyre wear.
5. Do not use winter tyres in the summer!

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I'v just got a V70 with the computer showing mpg/temp/ etc etc Its amazing watching the mpg readout. By careful accelerating and just feathering your throttle back when on the move you can get better mpg. My 2.5 turbo was reading 23.7 when I bought it. I reset the function and am now averaging 32.4mpg. Sad bugger aren't I !!
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