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Hi, I have a problem. The Car is a Volvo 850 R Turbo Wagon, Auto Air 102,000 Miles. While driving our car the rpm started going up and down, so we stopped at a shop.
They said the throttle body was dirty and needed to be removed so, we did that.
We waited a couple of hours for the car and started home. The car ran a little rough, stopped at a signal the car died and the check engine light came on.
Stopped at another shop (shop/service station)
and they said the air pump was dirty. Removed and cleaned that. The car still ran poor but, we had to get home.
Took to a shop once home and the code was bad map sensor 121 and bad temp sensor. Replaced both sensors plus, the thermostat.
Had the radiator flushed
the car still will not idle smells rich? Like gas and will stumble and die out.
When the car is warm it will idle most of the time but will stumble and sometimes die out.
The code still states a bad MAP sensor code 121!!!
The code has been reset (many times) and comes right back.

Here is a list of all we have done to repair fix the car any help or suggestions would be appreciated as we have spent $1500.00 and it is not fixed!
Thanks in advanced for your time to look at this

Cleaned throttle body (removed)
Cleaned the EGR valve (removed)
Cleaned the Idle sensor (removed)
Sealed the Vacuum Leak in Vacuum tower (removed and siliconed)
Replaced the Vacuum hoses
New MAP sensor
New Thermostat
New Thermostat Sensor
New Fuel filter
New hose clamps
New plug wires
New cap
New rotor
New spark plugs
New air filter & box cleaned (no blockage)
New gasket throttle body
Cleaned all connections (electric)
Dielectric grease on all connectors

Also to let you know a mechanic told me that there is only one "hot" wire going to the map sensor
I looked and there are 4 wires total going to the map sensor and only one has power even when the car is running.
I dont know if that is right or not.

Thanks again for all your help.

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Are you talking about the Mass air flow sensor?The other things I didn't see there would be the O2 sensors.Also check really really good for a vaccum leak.They are hard to find and could cause that problem.Check behind the power steering pump on the end on the intake and see if the elbow is bad.
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