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Hey everyone, Amaan from India here.
I’ve an XC90 2012 which I’ve deduced from researching has a TF80 SC gearbox.
I bought the car with 67k kms and don’t really have a nice service history.
About driving around for 200 kms or continuously in traffic for a couple of hours, an issue pops up-
1) Whenever my car is slowing down, it feels like someone’s come n rear ended my car.
2) N to D is rough, car moves like someone’s pushing it very suddenly.
Bear in mind, car functions pretty smoothly until it gets that hot btw.
I’ve got no codes for the transmission module
Did get some p200xxx codes, but I suppose that’s unrelated
Could y’all advise me on what to do or get it checked?
I believe it might be the transmission fluid, gonna get that changed
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