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I just signed on. The main reason for joining was to learn information on maintaining my 2002 S60 as much as possible by myself. If it gets complicated or requires expensive specialized tools, then I take it to the garage/dealer, but most stuff I like to do on my own when possible.

My first questions related to:

1) service light reset (comforting to hear that others have their own frustrations with this as well.)

2) pollen filter replacement (the step by step pictures were very helpful.)

This is my second Volvo after owning a 1995 850 GLT since new. My three previous cars were SAABs, but they got too ugly even for me to stay loyal to them - nice cars, though still.

Thanks to everyone who contributes information to this forum.


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Try searching this forum for the info you seek.
I beleive it has been covered already.
If you can't find it let me know and I will retype it for you.

Also welcome to the forum.
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