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I once owned a 240DL many, many moons ago and I'm interested in picking up another cheap volvo to drive around with and reppaint and just have a nice around town car.

I'm looking at an automatic 1990 760 ... and here is the ad description...

This incredible car is our baby!!! We have owned it for over 8 years and never had any major problems. The only thing we had to do was change the fuel pump 2 years ago and regular oil changes every 3000 miles. Recently the transmission has been slipping and will need attention. If we didn't already have to many cars we would happily fix it. This dependable luxury sports car has just over 200,000 miles and if you know Volvos can have another 200,000 easily. This Volvo has over $1000.00 in front head lights, and tail lights installed one year ago. The point, this car is priced to sell and is a great car. Perfect for that handy person or someone looking for a classy sports car. I saw the similar car for sale priced at over $3000.00. Pictures to come. Give me a e-mail for more info or to buy. This one won't last.

I've been emailing back and forth and in one email he said:

"The transmission has begun slipping with 2nd and 5th gear not always
catching. Once this happened we have not moved it."

...... Now with that said, on my old A/T 240... The overdrive would kick on at various times and make shifting act funny...

The guy has come doen to a selling price of $700.... Am I asking for it if I buy this car, or does this problem sound like it can be cleared up without costing me an arm and a leg?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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I would buy it.If worse comes to worse and you have to rebuild the trans.That should cost you like $1200.00.Then you will still have a good running and looking car for less than $2000.00 and that is still very good.Finding a car that runs,drives, and looks good for $2000.00 is hard to come by.You might even be able to find a used trans for like $300.00 and put that in as well.
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