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Hello fellow Volvo drivers.

I can't say I am exactly a Volvo driver by choice, more chance than anything but my second hand V40 is growing on at a mildly disturbing rate every time I drive it. I'll spare you the superlatives and get to business - I bought my car without wheel trims so I bobbed down to the local dealer and enquired about a new set. Certainly sir, that'll be £145 the parts man cheerily responded. Needless to say I spat the dummy at the prospect of being lightened by well over a ton for 4 lumps of plastic with a Volvo logo. At that price I would sexual favours included within the price of the wheel trims.
Now I know why Volvo is the only car maker within PAG that is making any money. And I thought Swedish people were such carefree and and fun loving folk.

To cut a long story short, does anybody know a more economical way of tidying up my rims?


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