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after market wheel replacement

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I am installing a set of 17's on my 02 s40 and the rims wont go flush because of that what i think is a screw to hold the rim on while scewing the lugs, anyway is ok to remove them? my aftermarket wheels dont have any holes to compensate the screw. I doest look like it holds anything.


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Those screws are there to hold the rotor tight against the hub.You can remove them.If you get a vibration after installing the rims loosen and then retighten the rims.That will make sure the rotor is seated properly.
Thanks tech!!! wheels are installed and no vibration.
Glad to hear.Sometimes when the pins are removed when you install the rims the rotor doesn't sit flat from a peice of rust or something like that.
i jget a little wheel vibration between 60 and 70 mph . some young kid balanced the wheels i wonder if i should get them balanced again. also should i get a wheel alingment. seems to be pulling alittle

Try getting them balanced.If it has been a while since you had an alignment go ahead and get one to be safe.You don't want to wear out your new tires.
it was just alinged at the dealer about 2 weeks ago. Since i put the new wheels on it pulls a little to the right. could be the psi of the tires...
It could be also did the new rims come with the plastic inserts in the rim to center it on the hub.
it came with aluminum hubcentric rings.... they gave a nice snug fit on the hub
Ok then have them balanced.
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