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Hi All,

Another newbie here, with a few questions if that's ok?

I have a 1993, 940 Auto. Wentworth Estate, with the 2 litre (petrol) turbo engine and 166,000 miles.

1). I have a major oil leak which appears to be coming from the rear of the engine, but I cannot pinpoint the source. It seems to be underneath, near the bellhousing. Any ideas?

2). The drivers side heated seat does not work (although the passenger side does), is there a fuse that controls this, or a relay somewhere?

3). I have had one or two moments over the last month or so, where the car stalls for no apparent reason, but will start if I leave it for an hour or so. After leaving for a day, its ok again. It first happened after I put it through a car wash, after a period of being off road and needing a clean! Is there a chance that moisture gets into the ignition system, although the dizzy cap is way back at the back of the engine block?

4). I notice that upon starting, the engine turns over very slowly, but always starts first time, (except when experiencing problems as in previous question). Would a change of battery help here, I think it's about 5 years old? It was suggested the diesel battery would be a good buy.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

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1. The oil leak is most likely the rear main seal.
2. check all the wiring under the seat and check for power.The switch might be bad.
3.Check your engine speed sensor located at the back of the engine where the trans and engine meet.At the top of the transmission you should see the sensor.
4.I would say the battery is probably on its way out.A diesel may work good or find one with decent cold cranking amps.They normally use 550 to 600 cca.
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