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I've had this s/w about 8 months and everytime I turn around it is another problem. Can anyone tell me if any of these are normal for this year/model?
I bought this car after driving my son's 1991 740 s/w. Loved the car but wanted more pick up.

1. This car overheated regularly - finally replaced fan after 3 others items chosen by the local volvo shop and problem solved after about $500+ investment.

2. Today,winter transmission (?) mode light came on, and check engine light.
Is this because I inadverdently pushed the winter selector button?

3. Odomter broke last week. That was another $265.

4. CAR does NOT want to come out of PARK....didn't Volvo issue a recall? Can I have this done at my local shop vs going to a dealership?

Tks for any information.

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The fan issue is not that common.If you held the winter button down for more than 30 seconds then it will make that happen.If not it is probably the PNP switch.The odometer is becoming normal with higher milage cars or older cars.Yes Volvo had a recall on the shift lock micro switch.You can have your local Volvo dealer run your Vin# and see if there is any recalls open on your car.
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