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Hopefully someone has had these symptoms and can direct me to the problem.

I have a 1994 Volvo 940 SE w/ approx 160,000 Miles. Recently the car was driven an hour out of town and stalled (simply cut off, turns over, but won't fire)...towed home (started after it arrived and was moved to be parked). Went out one day to see what it would started, let idle for a while, then did some hard acceleration (excercise) in neighborhood before going into town. Drove fine to the store (2 miles), but when I returned to car to leave for home wouldn't start again. After B/Sing(wiggling wires, etc.) or maybe it was just the amount of started and got halfway home before stalling again. Needless to say, it hasn't left the house since that second tow home.

Now I'm getting back into trying to diagnose what's wrong.
I believe, from using the OBD LED reader, that the system is pointing to 'air temperature sensor'...I can't locate that sensor on this model (I assume the Mass Airflow Meter replaces it?) I don't know if this fault code is related to my problem, but it seems the problem only arrises after the engine is at operating temperature and the idle is/has been at a cruising speed (ex. 2,000RPMs)...I was able to cause it to stall while parked by just holding the revs for a couple mins...also, when held at 'above idle' RPMs, it seems to have unusual fluctuation in engine speed when a/c compressor kicks on/off (but never noticed when on highway)

Summary: Engine stalls at operating temperature and will not fire until cooled completely.

Please help me narrow this and at least find the component malfunctioning. Thanks!

-John G.

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Try to get it to happen close to home and if it does unplug the mass flow sensor and if it runs(but will run crappy)the mass flow sensor is bad.
If not 2 other things to look at is
1.The engine speed sensor located on the back of the engine where the trans meets the engine.If the outside sheilding is cracked you should replace it.That can cause it aswell.

2.Check the power stage located inside the left side fender.It is a black sensor mounted on an aluminum block and bolted on the inside of the fender.That will cause the same problem as well.
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