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I bought a used 1992 940 Turbo for my wife. Before we got it home it died. The dealer took it back and replaced the motor. He said #3 injector dumped fuel and when it ignited it blew the piston. Now this engine wouldn't start one morning. It turns over and stops then turns over and stops. Thinking the same thing was happening I took out all the plugs and turned it over. Gas sprayed out of #2 spark plug hole. Is it possible for an injector to stick open and gush fuel like that. The others were ok. The plug was wet when I removed it. I checked the oil, seemed ok but I'm going to change it just in case fuel has made it in there. I plan on replacing the one injector as a test, then the rest for insurance. Ever hear of this happening? The original had 110,000 miles, no telling about the 2nd motor. (recycling yard no doubt). Thanks
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