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Hello All,

I have a question about the exterior trim piece that runs along side the front window along the top of the car to the rear on both sides.

On my car it is a black rubber covered metal.

It is begining to lose it's rubber covering on the passenger side. (that's an understatement)

I have been using a carwash that uses strips of cloth which is better on the finish but was more stressful to the old rubber coating. Is there a place to buy this piece and is it a DIY type of job?

The metal underneath isnt that bad to look at once the yellow coating has come off. My worry is that the yellow coating is a protective one and I will develop problems with either the metal or the window seal.

Any advice is gladly accepted




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That is called a drip rail molding.
I think you can only buy them at the dealer.
They are easy to install.
It will take you about 15 minutes to replace.
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