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I drive a '89 240 with B230F engine (EZ116K/ LH-Jetronic 2.4), but as we speak, it's completely dead.

No spark coming from the coil. I've tried the diagnostic system, but it's dead. Pressing the button 2 seconds with ignition on gives no result at all. I've cleaned the contacts and measured them, everything is fine. Fuses providing power to the ECU's are fine, no corrosion there either.

Measuring at the coil, it will have +12V with ignition on. I've tried measuring the sensor at the bellhousing, it appears to be OK. The distributor does not have a sensor at all. Tried another ignition module - no difference.

I'm really puzzled now. Especially the thing about the diagnostic system not working. I can se a really dim glow in the diagnostic LED when I connect it to the connector #2 or #7, so I guess that verifies the connection is OK.

Any tips on troubleshooting this? I'm thinking about swapping the ECU's with known good ones, but they're not easy to find just to swap and try without buying..

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Check all your ground connections really good.The sensor that goes to the bellhousing is the outer sheilding cracked at all?if so it might still be bad.Also check the wiring for the engine harness.At the back of the engine look for a grey plug with 8 wires to it.Look on the engine side of the harness.The sheilding comes off the wiring allowing wires to touch and causes problems.
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