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I know not many of you here may know Australian parts distributers, but, due the amount of parts I need to replace, I'd like to find out if any of you know where I can acquire cheap new parts in Australia for a 1981 244 GL manual. Parts I'm looking at at the moment;
exhaust pipe to rear muffler
door and window seals
gearbox mounts
driveshaft support
engine and gearbox seals
overdrive solenoid
overdrive relay

want to acquire (not usually part of this car);

power steering rack
Thanks for any help, David

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Good morning Australia. Did you try:

Search that auction mart. We are bound to have plenty of them for sale and the parts to go with it.

Also, did you try the Volvo Enthusiasts Club?

I would look through our club magazine for you-but I am hopeless at parts/bits/pieces for various models.

Obviously, if the parts are rare-we are bound to have tons of them. If the parts are useless-ditto.

Cheers from New Zealand.
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