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240 Estate Mods

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ok, well.
1. ICE. I want to install some ICE into the car. CD player. and some good speakers. Dont really want to change the car much if it can be helped though. As in big speaker pods hanging off the doors etc. My current 460 has some 6x9s on the back shelf. But I dont think I can put these anywhere in the estate. So, help on speaker install would be nice. Ahh yea. The head unit in the car is the standard volvo one. it looks like if you take it out, there will be a massive space in the dash. Is this so. Or are there blanking plates etc. did maybe think about putting a CD player i nthe glove box instead.

2. Wheels/suspension. What is a good wheel size/firmer suspension combo.

Again, any experience at all would be cool.


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i can tell you only my expirience about putting good music in the 240 wagon. i have normal 13cm speakers and tweeters in front and 25cm woofer in the back (on the other side of 5 wheel there is a perfect hole for it). i use in my car a nakamichi CD player and a small amplifier and for my needs is just perfect. you just have to make a perfect fit plate or box for woofer and there will be nothing to see in the back.
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yea sounds good
so the frt speakers go where the current ones are?
a simple way to add some go to your system without needing to hack out sheet metal is a "boob tube" [or similar name, but thats what I call them]

its a cylinder 10 inch diam and 2 feet long which takes a line input [RCA] and has its own internal amp and pumps out those notes < 100 cps [hertz] which thump you in the back espec in Smashing Pumpkins songs

you can locate anywhere and whatif one of the kids has it under his feet!!!! but on the tunnel between back seats is a goer
yeap the front speakers are in the same place i just need to put them a bit out with one more speaker frame, the tweeters you can put on the triangle of side mirrors or on the top of column between front and rear doors. the amplifier you can put in the 'basement' in the back. you will get a perfect sound and no extra things to care about in the car haha.
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hmm, all sounds quite intersting now. Like to keep things hidden, not so good in Essex, UK for security. Lots of people want what they havent got .

Another ideal place for the tweeters is by the headliner in the roof.It will send sound to about ear level when angled correctly.It adds nice sound that way.
ok, so far i have fitted 2x5.25inch infiniti speakers in the front and 2 in the rear doors.
Next it will have to be some sort of sub thing. i guess hiden away somewhere. maybe make the false wheel well in the back.
cd player to be fitted this weekend to. ooooo
off topic.
you from Slovenia yea. for real. Im looking to buy a place out there. Where you at?

QUOTE(Jones @ May 24 2005, 10:57 AM) maybe make the false wheel well in the back.
cd player to be fitted this weekend to. ooooo

no false wheel well now. i found a sub/amp combo that will fit under the front seats. so thats better for me. more hidden. 16cm rear infinitis in the back are making the doors vibrate somewhere. cant tell where. nah mind. its not that bad
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