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Dear All,
I have 2020 model V90 Crosscountry. I’ve purchased car as a new on August 2021 at 0km. I am living in Istanbul Turkey and all services of car have been done by official Volvo Service. I came to Germany by my car and at 68.000km, 16 months after I bought the car, a warning light came up. It was saying engine coolant fluid is low, please turn off the engine. I directly call nearest Volvo service and they told me fill up the water and drive here. I filled up and go to service. They took sample from engine coolant fluid and they told me that exhaust gas is mixing to the coolant system. Now I have to leave my car in Germany because they told me that they are going to change WHOLE ENGINE with the new one.
Has anyone expreienced something like this? Please share your comments. You may find a few photos as below;
Thanks in advance.
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