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I recently moved from Toronto, Ontario across the country to Victoria, British Columbia. My 2015 XC60 was moved by train. Before moving, the road sign information always worked perfectly in Ontario... the speed signs were always recognized, flawlessly. Upon arrival in BC, it stopped working. About 90% of the time, nothing is displayed. The other 10%, it is wrong (90 km/h displays as 30, or 110 km/h displays as 10, for example).

The formatting of the speed signs in BC is very slightly different than in Ontario. I think they may be using a different font. But they are still recognizably speed signs... not like the very different signs you see in Europe, for example. I thought this might be relevant because when I acquired the vehicle via Overseas Delivery in 2014, the speed signs in Sweden were not recognized and nothing was displayed. I was told that this was because the car had been programmed for it's final destination: Ontario, Canada.

My understanding is that the car uses the camera to detect speed signs, and it is programmed to recognize the signs for the region it is sold in. I don't know how granular the "region" setting is? A whole country, a province/state?

I took the car to Volvo of Victoria. The service manager said they have never encountered this problem before. They ruled out any physical issue with the camera and did a software update. The technician also stated that the SiriusXM traffic info was not working because there is no subscription. This was not a surprise to me - I only ever had the free six-month subscription when the car was new, and since I have never used the factory-installed navigation, I have never relied on the traffic info. Besides, as I said, speed signs in Ontario have been recognized flawlessly this whole time. I assume this is because the car uses only the camera to recognize signs, and the SiriusXM issue is irrelevant.

After the software update, they drove the car around the block and told me they weren't sure it was it was working yet. I assume that's because they are in the middle of the city and there are no speed signs on the city streets immediately around the dealership. I picked up the car and went directly to the highway. I passed several speed signs and nothing has changed. Mostly, nothing was displayed and occasionally the wrong speed limit was shown, just like before I took it in.

This may seem like a small issue, but I really want it resolved. Now that I live in a new area and I'm not familiar with the roads and speed limits, I find the speed limit display useful. Also, if I sell the car in the future, it has one less feature.

I will take the car back to the dealership for more investigation. Meanwhile, does anyone here have ideas?
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